Rally to Restore Fury

Hello America,

I want it to be understood that I really like Stephen Colbert and Jon Stewart. I really do respect what they do, but in light of recent events, I have to say I’m less than enthused about the state of American politics when even the most “liberal” of pundits are handing out this middle-of-the-road, wishy-washy, empty rhetoric out as though it’s going to restore anything.

Chris Hedges over at Truthdig.com put it best in his most recent article on the Phantom Left. His argument goes, that as long as moderates parade themselves around thinking they are actually liberal, making fun of tea-partiers and anarchists alike, then the the corporations who are trampling all over the Bill of Rights are going to laugh all the way to the bank. At first, I was skeptical of Hedges position, but he pointed out that the Tea Party is angry for good reasons. Their pain and anger is justified. They have been marginalized. They are misguided, of course. But pretend they’re all atheists and censor out their bigotry and what you have left is something makes a little sense.

Don’t get angry, says Stewart, be reasonable. Colbert’s March to Keep Fear Alive is his mockery of, apparently, the only other alternative. You are either afraid of everything, or you’re calm and rational.

There’s another emotion that Americans should be feeling. Anger. The only people feeling it are the psychotic right-wing movement known as the tea party. Routinely the anarchists and the communists are being asked to calm down and be reasonable by the likes of Colbert and Stewart. They are made fun of in the same breath as the Tea-Partiers. Marginalized and ostracized and not taken seriously. The only thing worse than being ruthlessly hunted (a-la Joseph McCarthy) is being ruthlessly ignored.

We should be really pissed off right now, America. Our rights have been trampled by psychotic lowlifes in D.C., our voices muted and replaced by the sophisticate humor of Stewart and Colbert. Why do our unions cower in fear at the thought of striking? Why do our anarchists read Noam Chomsky and think that just because they’ve done that, they somehow made the world a better place? How come these are the most quality people they could find at Stewart’s rally?

Where’s the anger? Where’s the outrage? Why can’t the liberal left organize as effectively as the psychopathic right? Just what, I ask, is going on here? What does it take to light a fire under people’s asses?

Today is election day and the Tea Party is poised to win some key elections. How did that happen? I’ll tell you why. The liberal left, otherwise known as “nobody,” didn’t step up to the plate. The moderates who call themselves democrats are the most anemic bunch of whiny jerks that ever sold out this country to corporate interests. And the fat, rich, white men who call themselves Republicans don’t even give a shit as long as they can cock block any bit of good legislation that the so-called Democrats can whip up, all the while hailing their new mother-messiah Sarah Palin as a godsend and a breath of fresh air.

America used to have a radical left, but not anymore. It doesn’t exist. There are no anarchists anymore. Hell, even Noam Chomsky is barely an anarchist. He’s just an elitist lecturer who never gets his hands dirty. Nobody gets fired up by reading Chomsky. They just feel smarter and can pretend to do something productive.

What about me? A liberal anarchist blogger who is just as useless as Noam Chomsky. In fact, I feel sick to my stomach just thinking about how little I’ve done to change the world. But, the question gets routinely asked, what am I supposed to be doing? Voting doesn’t work. The ballot box gives us the illusion of influence. So what else is there? I live in North Dakota surrounded by Tea Partiers and Republicans. I’m flat broke about ninety percent of the time.

The liberal left is about as powerless as a newborn baby. But at least a newborn baby has the capacity for growth.

How about a Rally to Get Fucking Angry people?

viva la revolution.