Trump Gags Scientists

My FaceBook feed is lousy with people who keep telling me to chill out. He’s our president now. Let’s give him a chance. Well, you know what? I did. And he took only one day to prove that he’s going to be bad news for everyone who isn’t already super rich.

I mean, it all started when his picks for top cabinet positions started to come through. Those were bad enough. A who’s-who list of Captain Planet villains. Cartoonishly evil people with about as much genuine concern for the American people as a hurricane.

So what’s the straw here? What’s evidence of his vileness that I’m going to wave in your face today?  It’s this. Scientists are gagging on Trump. Is that too crass? Probably.

I mean, how are we supposed to take this news? These are organizations that exist to protect us. To keep our air clean, to keep our food supply safe, to regulate the sorts of things big corporations claim make it just so hard for them to make money. Boo hoo hoo.

So he’s not stopping them from doing sciencey stuff. Or publishing peer-review articles. But they can’t talk to journalists and news outlets. In short, the science that we pay to have done can’t be communicated to the organizations that keep us informed. It’s our science. And we can’t have it.

And it’s not hard to see exactly what’s going on here. What other possibility exists except that we have elected a fascist. Honestly, I’m actually a little bit scared to even post this for fear of the new millennium’s gestapo busting down my door a year from now.  The statement is simple. Trump is saying: “Free speech is for me and no one else. The only truth is what I say is the truth. You can’t be trusted.”

There is no other way to interpret this.  Ya dig?