Singing the fragment shader blues


I’m making a PC version of Dominant Species. There, I said it.

I don’t think I have to tell you that Chad Jenson is a genius or that this board game is one of the best piles of wood and cardboard ever to grace my table. You know perfectly well how excellent Dominant Species is.

It is also easier in concept than a full-fledged video game. I can make this into a video game, theoretically putting out a working hotseat-style game within the next couple months and integrating internet play without too much more difficulty later. Possibly even building an applet version that can be based online.

All of this is almost certain to land me a job with GMT games. And I will be rich beyond my wildest dreams. I think.

Anyway: fragment shaders can lick my balls.

Every fragment color that goes through there (using a four byte RGBA format), no matter which of the 17 million possible floating point values between 0 and 1, will always be output as if it had an alpha value of 1. Which means that transparency is impossible. No fancy fade ins or fade outs or just fucking transparent objects. It’s driving me batty.

If any of you fine, gentle readers know of a way to fix this problem, I will put you in the credits for the first full-fledged game I create.

Meine Realität ist fragmentiert.