We all make promises that we can’t keep. I promised I was going to start working on the game rules. And then I realized that there was no GUI element for the cards. You see, in the game, Dominant Species, there are 5 dominance cards drawn each round which the players can take and play during end-of-round scoring. There some 20-odd cards (each unique and exhibiting a surprisingly non-trivial one-time event) in a deck which also serves as the game clock.

They are really important.

So as I was pondering how best to start implementing the “Planning Phase” of the game, I realized that there was a critical UI element that I hadn’t added. Silly me.

So there it is. If you mouse to the top of the screen, the cards slide down from outside the window. If you mouse over a card, it shows a tooltip (that was a pain in the ass to code), and if you mouse away from them, they slide back up out of sight. Easy peasey, nice and cheesy.




Just a quick update. Once you get this stuff figured out, it seems to move along quite nicely. The elements are now rendering, as is the initial glaciated hex. Next task is to get player pawns rendering and then I will add the HUD.

I should point out that, while I can’t show you here, I can drag the board around with the mouse by right clicking, which is pretty neat. I can also zoom in and out with the mousewheel which is even neater.

It’s not completely smooth yet, but the crazy thing is that I know how to make it more fluid but it’s a low-priority task. What that means is, my workflow has become priority-based. There are multiple things that I know how to do and I can prioritize. This is very different from my usual hobbies (like writing fiction), where there’s a more or less linear progression. I could jump around from scene to scene, but I usually don’t. It’s a strange feeling and it has forced me to keep a small notebook full of things that need to be accomplished.

And here’s the kicker: when I get bored with one task, I can actually move on to something else for a while, which is something that is something that I could never really do when writing fiction. About the only thing that I could do when writing to alleviate a boredom-block would be to go back and edit (which is certainly not a bad thing to do, and is something that I honestly enjoy from time to time, it’s just… this feels very different.

Anyway, things are moving.

Nur das Licht fantastisch.