There was a time when blogging was the center of my social-media experience. All of my friends had blogs. We all read each other’s blogs. And it was actually really great. There’s something special about blogging which forces us to be introspective and thoughtful in a way that the newer social media websites do not.

The immediate feed-oriented design of Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, and essentially all other popular social media platforms actively discourages deep discourse on any topic. I have continually been frustrated and stymied in all efforts to carry on a conversation in a way that could ever hope to change anyone’s mind. And I’m not even sure that that’s my primary aim anymore. Just helping people to understand me seems to be more important than getting them to think like me.

Since I have started more blogs than most people have ever read, I’ll follow in that time-honored tradition. I’m archiving the old blog because after reading through old posts, I don’t feel that they are an accurate representation of who I am today. I might dig a few out and publish them here periodically, but I think we are trying something new now.

And we’ll see where that takes us.