The place is America.

The year is CE 2020.

It’s the day after the State of the Union Address in the last year of the T***p Administration.1

You know what’s funny about the current administration?

Nothing. Not a goddamned thing. It’s not funny. Oh sure, we laugh at the memes, but it’s not actually funny. We laugh because if we don’t laugh, we are suddenly forced to acknowledge that pure absurdity of it all. If we don’t laugh, we will cry.

Sure, sure. I know what you’re thinking. “Hey snowflake, why are you so sensitive?” and you know what I have to say to you? Fuck you. No joke. That’s my whole response. Because if you can’t be arsed to be even a little sympathetic to the horrorshow that over half of Americans perceive your president as, then I don’t have time for you. I do not have time for your callous disrespect for your brothers and sisters who are struggling with this reality.

But America is doing just great, you say?

Is it?

The economy is booming! Lots of jobs! you say. Well, okay, sure. Rich people are doing fantastic. That’s great for them. They got a massive tax cut. Good for them. Stock market is bullish as all fuck. Wonderful! I’m so happy for them. Except that actual wages that real humans earn have been stagnant for decades. But everything has gotten more expensive. Inflation is happening, but wages aren’t increasing to match that. The power of a dollar has gone down, but the amount of dollars that we have is not getting bigger.

And this ia an indisputable fact. Sure, you’ll always make the argument that people have the freedom to change jobs. The thing is that even if I accept that this as true (which I don’t), it’s absolutely beside the point. Every job that a living human being is being paid to do right now are jobs that someone needs someone else to do. And what that means, is that someone is going to be stuck doing every fucking terrible, low-paying job. For every terrible, low-paying job out there, someone is going to be desperate enough to take that job and struggle through, racking up debt, watching the years go by, failing to attain anything resembling self-actualization.

So, no. I do not believe that America is doing great. And this is just the economic side of it. The environment is also garbage. The water is poison. Topsoil is being erroded. Climate Change is the slowly accelerating apocalypse that will destroy our civilization, leaving us in a Roadwarrior-style wasteland. We won’t have a nice cushy Walking Dead zombie apocalypse, because the entire world will be poison and sterile. Maybe there won’t actually be zombies, but it will be a really shitty place to live for all the people unfortunate enough to survive.

And you know what the real kicker is? At least right now, today? That orange blob of a man had the audacity to stand up there yesterday and tell us how great he is and how great America is, and how splendidly everything is going. That rapist. That thief. That charlatan. That conman.

Everyone who continues to support him has my contempt.

Is that too strongly worded? Maybe. But I kinda think it’s warranted at this point.